Clear Capital is a
verified vendor
to support Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR

Backed by a vast experience in GSE appraisal modernization, our ClearInsight+TM and Hybrid Appraisal are designed to address each scenario and support a complete Freddie Mac ACE+ PDR implementation among mortgage lenders nationwide. ClearInsight+ includes Property Data Report (PDR) and Completion Report.

Benefits of ClearInsight+

Lending Efficiency

Receive a verified PDR data set in less time than an appraisal, increase underwriting efficiency, and obtain the ability to set earlier closing dates.*

Work with
One Provider

No need to juggle several providers to implement ACE+ PDR; we provide multiple valuation tools to support your needs nationwide.

Easy Compliance
w/ GSE Requirements

We ensure that the data collector training, eligibility, and performance management meets Freddie Mac requirements, so you don’t need to.

Interested in learning more about ClearInsight+?

* pending appointment availability of POC

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