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ClearCast is the real estate fintech podcast by Clear Capital, co-hosted by Kenon Chen, EVP of Strategy and Growth, and Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. Each month, we bring you compelling stories and revolutionary ideas from the people, companies, and institutions at the intersection of real estate, finance, and technology. Want to be a guest on the show? Email Jancy Ulch at

ClearCast Podcast E40 — CubiCasa President Jeff Allen

Meet the hosts

Kenon Chen

With 25+ years of product development and technology experience under his belt, Kenon Chen is an industry-recognized leader in real estate and fintech. As EVP of Strategy and Growth, having joined Clear Capital in 2003, Kenon sits at the intersection of Clear Capital’s executive, product, marketing, and sales teams. He’s been instrumental to the company’s product strategy and vision, having developed and brought to market some of the company’s most forward-looking solutions. At the end of the day, his goal is simple: make real estate better for homeowners, homebuyers, and industry professionals alike.

Jeff Allen

As President of CubiCasa, Jeff leads the company’s overall strategy to digitize property data collection and unlock actionable data insights for homeowners and mortgage professionals alike. Prior to leading CubiCasa, Jeff served as Executive Vice President, Innovation Labs for Clear Capital — the company’s in-house innovation hub which focused on research, testing, and development of new products and solutions.

Clear Capital Vice President of Valuations Jeff Allen

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