ClearCollateral® Review — automated collateral underwriting and review

A revolutionary way to review appraisals and underwrite collateral. Shorten cycle times and reduce costs by connecting data, technology, and people.

enhance your collateral underwriting efforts with ClearCollateral Review from Clear Capital
enhance your collateral underwriting efforts with ClearCollateral Review from Clear Capital

Centralize your review process

ClearCollateral Review delivers the industry’s leading dynamic collateral underwriting and appraisal review system by using loan characteristics, automated appraisal risk assessments, GSE findings, and external data. All the tools and data to review an appraisal are in one place.

Powerful tools for collateral underwriting

Rules Engine (ClearQC®)

Intelligent automated review

ClearQC uses configurable algorithms to provide accuracy and adherence to specific underwriting guidelines and industry compliance in the loan decision process.

Fully configurable

Fully customize when and how your rules are run by altering rule logic, tolerances, and severity.

Condition Model

Easily find appraisal discrepancies

Condition Model’s artificial intelligence quickly assesses the property condition using appraisal photos and property data, then compares it to the appraiser’s C-rating to flag any discrepancy.

Scale to fit your needs

ClearCollateral Review allows you to scale your review needs to match the size of your portfolio. Assess the condition of multiple properties at once with ease.


Powered by artificial intelligence

ClearPhoto is a powerful set of AI-driven rules that automate the review of property photos and ensure they are aligned with the appraisal data and sketch.

Eliminate manual photo review

ClearPhoto significantly reduces time spent identifying the photo-related error(s) by instantly checking for property photos’ accuracy and quality.


Comprehensive property analysis

ClearProp unites data that is typically fragmented, making it a powerful research and verification tool. And while ClearProp is rich with data, it’s thoughtfully and meticulously organized.

Find and review comparables

View your subject and comparable properties, including map, satellite, and street imagery. Let us automatically select and rank comparables for you, or manually determine your own valuation.

industry leading property analytics tool

Additional features to match your workflow

Configurable review forms

Fully customizable review forms that range from simple checklists to complex deep dives. Leverage our autofill functionality to automate the majority of your review forms with objective information from the appraisal.

Valuation accuracy score

Understand the risk of over- or under-valuation by comparing it to ClearAVM™ — our lending-grade valuation engine.

GSE scoring

Automatic submission to the GSE and FHA portals allows you to review and configure your workflow around scores and findings as data — removing the need to manually download and review Submission Summary Reports (SSRs).

Risky terms rules

Detect bias within the appraisal with risky terms rules. Custom rules scan for problematic language used in the appraisal. Add additional rules to scan for any negative term you wish to flag. 

Work within your system

Collateral Underwriting API integration

Designed to integrate into existing order management systems, creating a clean workflow process.

See ClearCollateral Review in action

Streamline your appraisal review and underwrite collateral more efficiently.

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