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Find property data insights and accurate valuations to help gain more leads, expedite underwriting, reduce friction, and accelerate decision making.

PropTech core solutions


Accurate, instant valuations

An automated valuation model with accuracy across 139+ million addresses nationwide.

Qualified for securitization purposes

ClearAVM can be used for primary valuations on second liens and seasoned performing loans.


Comprehensive property values

Find confidence in property valuations. ClearProp is powered by advanced local market insights, public records, and our proprietary property analytics. It’s updated daily so you can ensure your analyses are accurate and current.

Simplify due diligence

Get pre-valuation property knowledge, complexity info, and market insights. Export a valuation determined by the industry’s leading AVM and backed by hand-selected comps.

industry leading property analytics tool


The floor plan app

CubiCasa’s mobile technology creates floor plan sketches and helps minimize inconsistencies and variations in the property data collection and inspection process.

Floor plans fast

CubiCasa can scan a floor plan in as little as five minutes and deliver the plan in just hours. CubiCasa brings consistency and accuracy to home appraisals and accelerates appraisal modernization.

Broker Price Opinion

Residential BPO

Clear Capital’s Residential Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is the ultimate alternative to an appraisal for investments.

Commercial BPO

Commercial Broker Price Opinion (BPO) are a cost-effective alternative when you need a strong valuation analysis but not a full narrative appraisal.

Clear Capital appraisal management services

Traditional Appraisal

Most comprehensive valuation

Completed by a licensed appraiser from Clear Capital’s national appraisal management company.

For a variety of lending needs

Our Traditional Appraisal solution fits a variety of lending needs, from conventional loans, refinances, home equity lending, and everything in between.

Hybrid Appraisal

GSE-compliant Hybrid Appraisal

Our GSE-Compliant 1004 Hybrid/70H Appraisal delivers a reliable opinion of value for home purchase and refinance loans nationwide.

Powered by technology

Our Hybrid Appraisal is powered by an integrated technology platform and centralized communication to keep the process simple and up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal.

Desktop Appraisal

GSE-compliant Desktop Appraisal

Delivers a reliable opinion of value for single-family purchase loans using a 1004 Desktop/70D appraisal.

Powered by technology

We pair innovative technology with our nationwide network of property data collectors and appraisers to deliver GSE-compliant appraisals.

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Enhance your decision-making process with our property data insights and accurate valuations.

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