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Making you smarter—The Clear Capital® Solution

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High trust becomes a reality with our integrated collection of products, services and intelligence offerings that elevate every aspect of your business. From our traditional valuation products to our technology-driven intelligence tools, Clear Capital offers the right solution for the job.

Let us know your valuation or intelligence needs and our friendly, helpful staff will work with you to develop your unique solution.

Clear Capital valuation products and solutions include:


Clear Capital offers a new approach to managing the appraisal process with the right people, data and technology.

Broker Price Opinions

They provide meaningful context for data with the kind of accuracy, transparency and trust, critical in today's changing market.

Commercial Valuations

Timely and intuitive reports from commercially-trained valuation experts ensure your specific commercial valuation needs are met.

Data and Analytics

High value data collection, reporting and analytics to deliver better results more efficiently.

Property Condition Reports

Easy-to-read reports that provide internal or external perspective on property condition.

Value Reconciliations

The next-generation tools bring together multiple valuation points in a single, visually rich form.