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Assess your mortgage loan portfolio, reduce costs, and improve risk mitigation with accurate and reliable property data insights.

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Core solutions for loan servicers

Broker Price Opinion

Residential BPO

Clear Capital’s Residential Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is the ultimate alternative to an appraisal for valuing properties in your portfolio.

Commercial BPO

Commercial Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is a cost-effective alternative when you need a strong valuation analysis but not a full narrative appraisal.

Property Condition Inspection (PCI)

Rapid condition updates

Local residential and commercial brokers collect property condition data that highlights factors that could influence a property’s marketability.

Risk summary report

Our clear risk summary report includes eight key aspects of the property to help you spot red flags and risk factors.

Property Condition Inspection


Accurate, instant valuations

Monitor collateral values across the nation by accessing automated valuations for 139M+ properties, delivered in seconds.

Understand property condition

The Interactive ClearAVM API gives you the power to update key property characteristics and conditions to be accounted for in the automated valuation.

Traditional Appraisal

Most comprehensive valuation

Completed by a licensed appraiser from Clear Capital’s national appraisal management company (AMC).

Order easily

Ordering appraisals has never been easier with our simple web interface. Check on your order status at any time, then share your report files with your key stakeholders.

Value Reconciliation

A single source of truth

Get clarity and confidence around multiple value opinions with a single source of truth that provides a final ruling on a valuation.

Clarify conflicting market data

Our Value Reconciliation is well-suited for times when specific loans within a pool are identified as risky and you need to make heads or tails of the conflicting market data.

Value Reconciliations

Elevate your portfolio surveillance

Learn how our real estate valuation products can help with your mortgage loan portfolio assessment.

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