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Learn how our real estate valuation products can help with your mortgage loan portfolio assessment.

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From traditional appraisals to alternative valuations, our products can help you assess your mortgage loan portfolio by:

Mortgage servicing core solutions

ClearAVM™ + Property Condition Inspection

Instant value insights

ClearAVM is one of the industry’s best lending-grade AVMs designed to handle a high volume of property valuations quickly and accurately.

Understand condition

ClearAVM can be combined with a boots-on-the-ground broker/agent external and/or internal property condition inspection (PCI) to understand the property’s condition.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Appraisal alternative

As Morningstar’s top-rated (MOR RV1) BPO, our BPO employs three layers of quality assurance so you receive a detailed valuation and local market insight without the full cost of an appraisal.

Faster turnaround

Check on your portfolio quickly and accurately, with turn times ranging from 1 – 5 days.

Traditional Appraisal

Most comprehensive valuation

Completed by a licensed appraiser from Clear Capital’s national appraisal management company.

Best for high-risk

Order a traditional appraisal for foreclosure and other high-risk property valuation situations with a high estimated value or high complexity.

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Learn how our suite of real estate valuation solutions for mortgage servicing can help you.

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