Be confident in a property’s value

Solutions for
risk managers

Confidently understand property valuations with robust data, automate collateral review to approve loans faster, and mitigate lending risk.

Core solutions for risk managers

ClearCollateral® Review

Eliminate manual review

Reduce cycle times by automating underwriting review. ClearCollateral Review unites data, technology, and people to quickly review appraisals and underwrite collateral.

Centralize your review process

With ClearCollateral Review, everything you need for collateral underwriting is available in one place. Plus, it’s easily integrated into your existing order management system.

clearcollateral review report summary

Risk Assessment API

Integrate into your existing solution

Risk Assessment API is perfect for technology partners looking to integrate Clear Capital’s intelligent, risk-based underwriting review system into their existing solutions.

Understand a property’s value

Access property data insights, comparables, and more to understand property values and access risk. Clear Capital’s robust property dataset covers nearly every property in the U.S.

Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)

Remove pre-funding uncertainty

CDA is an efficient, cost-effective method to determine if the appraisal under review is adequately supported.

Understand collateral risk

CDA provides comprehensive appraisal review and analysis for any period of time by a state-licensed appraiser.

Collateral Desktop Analysis

Automate your review

Close loans faster, eliminate manual processes, and find confidence in property valuations.

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