Rental solutions

Property data insights for single-family rentals or build-to-rent

With Clear Capital’s accurate valuations, data, and analytics, you can maximize income from your asset management portfolio and enhance decision-making for future acquisitions.

Core solutions for single-family rentals and build-to-rent

Commercial BPO

With a quicker turn time than commercial appraisals, commercial BPO removes impractical wait times that can slow portfolio purchases, while providing a strong, accurate valuations at scale.

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Residential BPO

Our data-rich Broker Price Opinion (BPO) reports provide accurate valuations at scale for due diligence and sale or securitization transactions.

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Value Reconciliation

An appraiser-completed BPO review and value conclusion supported by appraiser narratives, standardized guidelines, and market data.

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The best performing lending-grade automated valuation model (AVM) in the industry. Obtain the values of individual property records in a portfolio for in-depth analysis.

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Rental AVM

An estimated rental value that leverages robust property data and modeling techniques of ClearAVM. Craft a report that includes ranked rental comparables or other market data.


Interactive property analysis and valuation tool with nationwide coverage. Includes our data-rich block-level housing market report, Home Data Index (HDI®).

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Real-Time Comparable Market Analysis

Comprehensive, broker-generated market valuation reports covering 93% of local property insights available. Includes sales and listing history, property characteristics, photos, and more.



The floor plan app that creates floor plan sketches and helps minimize inconsistencies in property data collection.

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Clear Capital appraisal management services

Traditional Appraisal

Most comprehensive valuation

Completed by a licensed appraiser from Clear Capital’s national appraisal management company.

For a variety of lending needs

Our Traditional Appraisal solution fits a variety of lending needs, from conventional loans, refinances, home equity lending, and everything in between.

Hybrid Appraisal

GSE-compliant Hybrid Appraisal

Our GSE-Compliant 1004 Hybrid/70H Appraisal delivers a reliable opinion of value for home purchase and refinance loans nationwide.

Powered by technology

Our Hybrid Appraisals are powered by an integrated technology platform and centralized communication to keep the process simple and up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal.

Develop your portfolio

Get started with Clear Capital’s rental solutions to understand and expand your portfolio.

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