Desktop Appraisal

Delivers a reliable opinion of value for single-family purchase loans using a 1004 Desktop/70D appraisal.

For Fannie Mae 1004 Desktop and Freddie Mac 70D

We pair innovative technology with our nationwide network of property data collectors and appraisers to deliver GSE-compliant appraisals.

Desktop Appraisal features

Fast turn time

Up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal. The process pairs certified brokers/agents conducting the property data collection with automated reviews to maintain quality.

Price certainty

With Desktop Appraisal’s standard pricing, lenders and borrowers know the total cost of the appraisal when an order is placed. There’s never a fee escalation with standard pricing.*

Floor plan certainty

Desktop Appraisal delivers a high-fidelity floor plan with interior walls and ANSI-aligned digital gross living area that meets GSE Selling Guide requirements.

Trustworthy data

Our network of certified brokers and agents capture property information, photos, and floor plans to help appraisers complete a Desktop Appraisal.


Clear Capital’s extensive partner relationships and API integration prowess make integrating Desktop Appraisals into your order management system easy.


Quickly adopt and scale using our panel of brokers/agents, experienced appraisers, and quality assurance teams who specialize in modern appraisal solutions.

*Custom pricing models are available but may not include price certainty.

Data collection for desktop appraisals

Powered by Desktop Data Collection

Desktop Data Collection assembles property data our appraisers need to complete a GSE-compliant desktop appraisal. Our certified broker panel captures property information, photos, a 2D floor plan with interior walls, and ANSI-aligned gross living area (GLA) measurements.

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