Property Valuation API

Provides easy access to a full suite of modern valuation products to enable a fully supported integration with any order management or loan origination system.

Easy and direct access to a suite of valuation solutions

A residential appraisal that quickly delivers a reliable opinion of value and meets the needs of hybrid appraisal programs for eligible lenders.

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A GSE-compliant 1004 Desktop/70D residential appraisal that quickly delivers a reliable opinion of value for purchase lending.

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An industry-leading comprehensive appraisal review and analysis by a state-licensed appraiser for any period of time.

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A property data collection service supporting Fannie Mae’s Value Acceptance + Property Data program and Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR solution.

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Data-rich reports that are rigorously checked for quality and provide a clear understanding of the subject property for confident investment decisions.

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One of the industry’s best lending-grade, automated valuation models (AVM) is designed to handle situations that require a high volume of confident property valuations quickly and accurately.

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Property Valuation API empowers lenders

Easily adopt modern GSE mortgage programs to close loans faster and more efficiently.

Make confident loan decisions

Property Valuation API transfers loan data and updates your source system, minimizing manual input and reducing errors.

Gain visibility and control of orders

Track status and receive timely notifications throughout the order management process. Property Valuation API keeps you informed.

Eliminate the learning curve

Accessing our valuation tools requires minimal training because the tools integrate into your existing order management system.

Depend on nationwide coverage

Our expansive panel of experienced real estate brokers/agents and appraisers complete reliable data collections and property valuations nationwide.

Property Valuation API empowers system providers

Enhance your existing offerings with our modern valuation products and give customers access to reliable property valuation reports nationwide.

Property Valuation API features

Fast product accessibility

Easily integrate with your existing system using our well-documented RESTful API design. Get quicker product accessibility than with custom integrations.

Fulfillment certainty

Automated fulfillment milestone events keep the end-user up-to-date in real time.

Payment options

Pay your way with multiple options. Specify if an order should be paid by credit card by the customer or by invoicing the lender.

Quality assurance

Each report undergoes a detailed review to ensure it is accurate before delivery.

Secure transfer

Prevent unwanted access with encrypted data transmission and system-to-system authentication and authorization.

Dedicated support

We offer technical support to ensure the API is set up properly and reliable customer support for our valuation products.

Start transforming the mortgage industry and reaching new customers

Ready to integrate Property Valuation API?

One easy integration of Property Valuation API empowers effective order management from creation to completion.

API for developers

View our API documentation to learn how to set up your developer account.

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