How to Create Efficiency and Fairness in Valuations for Home Equity Lending
A Discussion on Appraisal Bias | California MBA Mortgage Quality and Compliance Committee
How to adopt Fannie Mae's Value Acceptance + Property Data program
BeSmartee and Clear Capital: Optimize Home Equity Lending using an AVM
How to Modernize Your Appraisal Process, Drive Revenue & Stay Competitive in Any Market
Low Volume Means High Demand for Appraisal Quality: 6 Tips for Success in 2023
An Appraiser’s Guide to Quality Appraisals — Part 1: Understanding the impact of revision requests
An Appraiser’s Guide to Quality Appraisals — Part 2: Tips for Reducing Revision Requests That Top-Performing Appraisers Swear By
An Appraiser’s Guide To Quality Appraisals — Part 3: How To Avoid Common Conventional Loan Revisions
An Appraiser’s Guide To Quality Appraisals — Part 4: How To Avoid FHA Revisions & Reconsideration of Value Requests​
Understanding Clear Capital’s Desktop Appraisals

Speaking Sessions

[Mortgage Innovator’s Conference 2023] Roadmaps to Efficiency
[Digital Mortgage 2022] Case Study: Improving Loan Efficiency with GSE Appraisal Modernization
[Mortgage Innovators Conference 2022] Source Data The Holy Grail
[HousingWire Annual 2021] Reducing bias is the new gold standard for appraisals
[#NEXTSummer21] Avoiding Overvaluation Risk and Appraisal Bias in Today’s Challenging Market
[Mortgage Innovators Conference 2021] — How digitizing appraisal inspections can reduce risk and bias
[IMN Jumbo Mortgage Loan Symposium 2021] Post-Covid-19 Home Values & Valuation

Product Demos

ClearPhoto™ demo — a powerful set of AI-driven rules that automate the review of property photos in ClearCollateral® Review
[HousingWire Demo Day 2022] ClearCollateral® Review
[Digital Mortgage 2021] ClearCollateral® Review Tech Demo
[Mortgage Innovators Conference 2021] ClearProp™ Tech Demo

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