Meet Our Leadership Team

Duane Andrews

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

In 2001, Duane Andrews co-founded, created and built Clear Capital with a core focus on helping customers first, which is at the heart of the company’s success and also part of Duane’s personal mission to inspire and guide others. Not only does this attentive customer-centric mentality drive Clear Capital’s partnerships, but it also propels every aspect of its cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Kevin Marshall

President & Co-Founder

Co-founder and President, Kevin Marshall built Clear Capital on the principle of rejecting status quo and applying a relentless approach to service and product innovation for its customers. With laser focus, he and the organization continually seek-out industry pain points and resolve them by going the extra mile, a value that defines and distinguishes Clear Capital each day.

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Helge Hukari

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel

As Chief Administrative Officer, Helge Hukari leads the company’s human resources, facilities and compliance departments. Additionally, he oversees all legal matters, including corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation, privacy and regulatory affairs. Additionally, he is responsible for ensuring that Clear Capital continues to grow within the industry while adhering to regulatory rules and compliance guidelines.

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Tim O’Brien

General Manager of Appraisal Operations

Tim oversees the Clear Capital appraisal department and ensures that customers are provided with the highest quality appraisals and exemplary customer service. With 25 years of appraisal experience and expansive industry and regulatory knowledge, Tim is driving Clear Capital into the next generation of appraisal management.

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Clear Capital Chief Technology Officer Larry Robinson

Larry Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Joining Clear Capital in 2016, Larry is responsible for the strategic direction of Clear Capital’s business solutions and technological direction. In this role, Larry is focused on the development and deployment of next-generation Clear Capital technologies that will produce new product innovation and increased organizational performance. Larry’s experience and expansive knowledge make him a highly sought after industry expert.

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Ron Rowan

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Ron oversees the accounting, financial planning and analysis, treasury and tax functions at Clear Capital. He delivers timely and optimal answers for the company’s customers, teams and leadership, while instilling confidence and clarity in their daily and long term decision making.

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Luke Frederick

Executive Vice President of Customer Experience

Since joining Clear Capital in 2002, Luke’s primary focus has been maintaining the company’s industry-leading 100 percent completion rate for customer orders—an achievement that sets precedent for the standard of quality company-wide. In his role, Luke has designed and built highly intuitive processes and infrastructures supporting Clear Capital’s broad set of valuation products and services. He is well-known for consistently delivering the highest standard of customer service.

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Kenon Chen

Executive Vice President of Product

Joining Clear Capital in 2003, Kenon is responsible for the organization’s product strategy and vision, including leading new product development and identifying opportunities to positively impact customers through innovation and technology, while exceeding expectations. His passion for applying creative, people-focused solutions and ability to inspire industry changing results among team members and throughout the organization have made Kenon an industry recognized asset.

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Jeff Allen joins Clear Capital as VP of Valuation Strategy.

Jeff Allen

Executive Vice President of Valuation Strategy

Leading Clear Capital's appraisal process, Jeff Allen is focusing on re-engineering how appraisals are manufactured and modernizing the valuation industry. Jeff leads internal teams in the development of analytics and data aggregation tools aimed at increasing quality and efficiency around appraisal reports, as well as vetting emerging technology from outside the sector. Previously, Jeff worked with CoreLogic and RELS Valuation in varying senior leadership positions.

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Simon Blackburn

Executive Vice President of Sales

Simon brings more than 25 years experience building and managing world-class sales, operations and services organizations. Simon is responsible for driving our go-to-market strategy and delivering sustainable revenue growth by ensuring the long-term success of our customers. He will lead our investment in a new Sales Center of Excellence, a comprehensive program to enable salespeople to become domain experts in the mortgage industry and secondary markets.

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Sarah Lambert

Vice President of Human Resources

At Clear Capital, Sarah is responsible for attracting and retaining top talent, as well as overseeing compensation, benefits, training and employee and labor relations for the company. In addition, she is responsible for driving a culture of service and innovation and developing strategies to attract and retain world-class talent, while continuing to deepen Clear Capital’s high-performance environment.

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Beth Buell

Vice President of Compliance

Beth collaborates with the legal department to develop meaningful strategies for Clear Capital’s risk mitigation. These strategies ensure that Clear Capital remains compliant with regulatory and industry requirements across the valuations spectrum. By reducing the risk exposure of Clear Capital’s clients and customers Beth and her team ensure the company’s third-party oversight obligations are met.

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Kevin Stanley

Vice President of Technical Operations

In his role at Clear Capital, Kevin oversees all technological operations related to and responsible for the company’s core services. Kevin’s natural leadership and solution oriented mindset, drives the successful, operational support and strategy for: AWS SaaS platform, private cloud data centers, site IT infrastructure and IT customer service. He works closely with each business area, as well as the company’s leadership team to ensure business capabilities are aligned and supported by an agile, efficient and robust set of services.

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Tim Dry

Vice President of Engineering

Since joining Clear Capital in 2016, Tim oversees the development and quality assurance of Clear Capital’s appraisal and broker products as well as the ClearCollateral™Platform (CCP), a SaaS-based order management and review system. Tim’s teams are responsible for delivering innovative software products, including user interfaces, applications and frameworks, all of which are at the center of Clear Capital’s offerings.

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Chris Hunt

Chief Appraiser

Since joining Clear Capital in 2016, Chris is responsible for overseeing appraisal quality strategy and leading all appraisal quality assurance teams that are responsible for delivering highly credible valuation products to its customers. His understanding of how lenders rely heavily on appraisers to provide them with certainty and clarity to make prudent decisions coupled with his belief in constant evolution and progress, while rejecting the status quo make him a recognizable asset among his peers and within the organization.

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Clear Capital Director of Marketing Sarah Hartshorn

Sarah Hartshorn

Director of Marketing

Sarah’s attention to detail makes her a trendspotting expert who has produced more than 19 years of marketing magic. Sarah directs all our marketing efforts, including branding, media relations and digital strategy. In her time at Clear Capital, Sarah led the complete overhaul of our website and grew an in-house marketing team from scratch that raises expectations across the board. Earlier in her career, Sarah worked with international, billion-dollar data centers, software and tech companies and award-winning agencies to develop their brands and tell their stories to the world.

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