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Home equity
valuation solutions

Expedite valuations, mitigate risk, and lower costs with our suite of real estate valuation solutions for home equity lending.

enhance your home equity lending with solutions from clear capital

Support for home equity lending

We provide a wide range of high-quality products, from traditional appraisals to alternative valuations.

National property insights

Access valuation solutions supported by supplemental data points on 139 million properties.

Trustworthy valuations

Get reliable, accurate, and compliant results.

Market insights

Quickly assess the subject property, market trends, neighborhood, and comparables.

Tools for all lending needs

Explore our range of high-quality products and find tools for all your lending needs.

Home equity lending products

ClearAVM™ + Property Condition Inspection

Lending-grade AVM

ClearAVM is one of the industry’s best lending-grade AVMs. It can handle a high volume of property valuations quickly and accurately.

Understand condition

Understand a property's condition with ClearAVM combined with a boots-on-the-ground broker/agent external and/or internal property condition inspection (PCI).


Accurate, instant valuations

An automated valuation model with accuracy across 139+ million addresses nationwide.

Qualified for securitization purposes

ClearAVM can be used for primary valuations on second liens and seasoned performing loans.

Hybrid Appraisal

GSE-compliant appraisal

Certified property data, an ANSI-aligned gross living area (GLA), and 2D floor plan are collected and provided to a geo-competent appraiser to easily complete the 1004 Hybrid/70H appraisal.

Investor approved

Our program was co-developed with and designed for the major investors and top lenders. We’re actively expanding with additional investors.

Traditional Appraisal

Most comprehensive valuation

Completed by a licensed appraiser from Clear Capital’s national appraisal management company (AMC).

Best for high-risk

Order a traditional appraisal for foreclosure and other high-risk property valuation situations with a high estimated value or high complexity.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how our suite of real estate valuation solutions for home equity lending can expedite turn times, save on costs, and reduce manual efforts.

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