Culture at Clear Capital

The tenacious, neighborly spirit of Lake Tahoe paired with the Silicon Valley-fueled belief that technology can solve real problems.

The Clear Capital Difference

Clear Capital was founded with the mindset to go above and beyond to reduce friction and provide value for our customers. We strive to deliver the best products and services to our customers while giving back to the communities in which we work and play. In everything we do, we live by a simple motto: Wherever it Leads, Whatever it takes®.

United by our core values

Wherever it leads, whatever it takes®

When we hired a dogsled team to take an appraiser to rural Alaska, we proved that Clear Capital truly does what others say is unreasonable. We’re often praised for going the extra mile, and our relentless approach to service is a conscious choice that defines and distinguishes us each day.

We’ve always prioritized hiring nice people because we want to be around nice, bright, hard working people. Skillsets will grow and job functions will evolve, but you can’t fake being the kind of person that inspires the best in everyone else. 

A focus on others, before self, defines a community. We make a conscious effort to improve the life and reputation of coworkers, customers, and vendors, through thoughtful communication, and respectful interactions. 

Every day, we focus on making things “just so.” In our consistent pursuit of excellence, we live by this expression. In all aspects of our business, from formatting data to meeting deadlines, every detail matters, particularly within our partner’s strictly regulated industry.

We put our focus on expanding our horizons, not against the competition. Understanding issues from the bottom up means we can continuously improve our speed, quality, and service. Our goal is evolution — for our company, our customers, and our industry. 

Speed and quality are not mutually exclusive. We find harmony within the balance between the two by remaining creative and refusing to compromise on quality. We focus on the biggest impact, to empower our partners by providing unmatched service and technology to achieve the very best solution.

We learn from our successes as well as our from our mistakes. Chances to improve exist everywhere, even when our customers or coworkers express concerns. We’d rather be criticized than ignored because we can show how quickly and thoughtfully we can solve the problem.

Making success mutual is key. Building positive relationships creates a win-win situation for everyone. We do not have clients, but partners, and each is a true relationship we must work hard to maintain. 

Making an impact

Dedicated to the community

Through our “Serving is Rad” program, we support the community in which we work and play by participating in local community service projects.

Tap into your passionate and curious nature to create real impact through our modern technologies, and solve hard problems for the mortgage industry.

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