Access ClearAVM in seconds with our Product Portal

Our industry-leading automated valuation model, ClearAVM™, is now available in Clear Capital’s Product Portal. Sign up for the portal, pay online, and access a single AVM in seconds.

What is ClearAVM?

ClearAVM is a national-coverage AVM that provides reliable home valuations using the highest quality data and modeling power. Unlike other automated valuations, ClearAVM includes a Confidence Score that predicts its expected accuracy, enabling confidence in valuations.

ClearAVM’s confidence score is based on the forecast standard deviation (FSD), which is rigorously tested to provide unparalleled accuracy. Confidence Score provides insight into whether the AVM can be confidently used, or if a property requires more hands-on assessment. 

What can you do with ClearAVM?

ClearAVM’s accuracy makes it reliable to investors and lenders, in customer acquisition, underwriting, or any real estate decision:

  • Find lending opportunities: Accurately identify marketing targets by filtering properties across the nation for characteristics that fit your needs. 
  • Estimate a prequalification: Build trust and avoid last-minute changes by using the same quality valuation throughout your lending process.
  • Make lending decisions: Underwrite quickly and close with confidence by leveraging ClearAVM’s accurate valuations.
  • Invest confidently: Scan for investment opportunities and evaluate potential with reliable home values at scale.
  • Confirm a value: Ensure a portfolio of loans is priced correctly by instantly and accurately valuing the collateral.
  • Monitor performance: Evaluate your portfolio with the same level of accuracy used to underwrite and sell loans.

How to get started with Clear Capital’s Product Portal

The Product Portal is a one-stop-shop to access Clear Capital’s property data products and valuation services. Signing up is easy, and you can instantly order ClearAVM, Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®), and ClearProp®. Visit to get started.

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