Products & Solutions

High trust becomes a reality with our integrated collection of products, services and intelligence offerings that elevate every aspect of your business. From our traditional residential and commercial valuation products to our technology-driven intelligence tools, Clear Capital® offers the right solution for the job.

Philosophy & Strategy

Our name says it all. We want to be Clear in every sense of the word. Clear in our communications. Clear in our actions. Clear in our data. Clear in our vision for the future. We're absolutely professional in everything we do. And we listen attentively to your needs and work with you to find the optimal solution—wherever it leads, whatever it takes®.

Company Information

Clear Capital delivers highly accurate and reliable residential and commercial valuations including Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Property Condition Inspections, Value Reconciliations, Appraisal Review and Risk Scoring, Automated Valuation Models, and our powerful Home Data Index.