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“It’s about taking care of our vendors and taking care of our clients with a higher level of integrity by combining what humans are good at with what computers are good at.”

– Kevin Marshall

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Our network of more than 40,000 boots-on-the-ground independent experts deliver deep insights so you can proceed confidently in all your real estate decisions.


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Clear Capital Valuation Management: Born from Technology, Raised by Humans.

First, we listen to your needs. Then, we combine human expertise with analytical insights for valuations that help you make better decisions

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Clear Capital valuation order managemnet review platform

Mitigate Risk Before It Costs You a Bundle.

ClearCollateral® helps you build a clean audit trail by quickly identifying risks in existing appraisals


Clear Capital real estate data analytics

Rest Easy with Valuations Backed by Big Data & Cloud Analytics.

Use RealTimeCMA, Home Data Index, ClearQC® and other tools to uncover insights into real estate property values

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