Data and Analytics Tools

Since our founding in 2001, Clear Capital has compiled data on millions of properties across the U.S. through certified, boots-on-the-ground appraisers and trained property data collectors. Now, we’ve paired our extensive database with remarkable technology to bring you our data and analytics solutions — a collection of tools that provide precise valuations on 150+ million properties nationwide and real-time market insights to help you streamline appraisals, assess risk, and make informed investments.

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One of the industry’s best lending- grade automated valuation models (AVMs) designed for situations that require a high volume of accurate and quick property valuations.

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Home Data Index™ (HDI™)

A data-rich report that delivers the most up-to-date national and block level housing market data and trends.

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An interactive property analysis and valuation tool with nationwide coverage that enables quick property value conclusions.

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Listing Analytics Solutions

Provides insight and analytics on listing properties, offering high coverage and compliance with industry restrictions.

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ClearCollateral® Review

An automated collateral underwriting review system that revolutionizes the way to connect data, technology, and people to compliantly approve collateral transactions and close more loans faster.

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An automated risk assessment review tool to validate and highlight any appraisal errors against a comprehensive set of configurable rules.

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We forged a better way. And it meant inventing new things.

Early on in our company’s history, we knew bringing new thinking to valuation meant having to do things differently. So we invented proprietary, internal analytics tools our team could use to check valuation quality, ensure process efficiency, and streamline customer experience. These tools eventually became the leading data and analytics products we offer today.

13.5 million

human valuation reviews

3.2 million

monthly valuation transactions

Years of valuations. Millions of
addresses. One database.

Practicing the craft of valuation over the course of 20+ years, we amassed incredible amounts of proprietary property data. We sought out partnerships and other ways to ethically source data to further grow our understanding of properties across the nation, knowing one day we’d have the technology to harness this data and take valuation to the next level.

2 petabytes

of valuation data

3.8 billion

historical property records

New technology. Smart people. New breakthroughs.

The rise of machine learning — paired with our massive database of property information and some of the brightest minds in data science — unlocked the possibility for more complex real estate analytics.

150+ million

unique properties

200+ data points

on nearly every property

We created best-in-category solutions. Then created new categories. And we’re not done yet.

In 2018, we introduced ClearAVM™ — one of the industry’s best automated valuation models (AVMs) since its debut — and ClearProp™ — a comprehensive, interactive property analysis and valuation tool with nationwide coverage that enables quick property value conclusions. These tools empower our customers to know more — more accurately and quickly than ever before. And we’re hard at work innovating the next generation of valuation tools that will pioneer new paths for our industry.

12 data sources

provide deep insight into every property

50+ years

worth of information on nearly every U.S. property