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Appraisal modernization

In 2001, we pioneered simple web-based solutions for an industry that relied on paper. Since then, we’ve worked to move the mortgage industry forward by modernizing the appraisal process to produce superior outcomes for consumers.

Our appraisal modernization solutions help lenders, underwriters, servicers, and borrowers save on costs and reduce manual efforts. We understand today’s market challenges and can help you select a modernization solution that will save you time and money, too.

Appraisal modernization products
Universal Data Collection™

Implement GSE inspection-based appraisal waiver programs with fast and accurate data collection that meets both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standards.

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Desktop Appraisal

Obtain a reliable opinion of value for single-family purchase loans using a 1004 Desktop or 70D appraisal. 

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Hybrid Appraisal

A bifurcated appraisal that is GSE-compliant and up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal for purchase and refinance home loans.            

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Powered by our nationwide network of boots-on-the-ground appraisers and property data collectors

Our nationwide network of property data collectors and appraiser partners fuel our appraisal modernization solutions by gathering data necessary for hybrid appraisals, desktop appraisals, and inspection-based appraisal waiver programs.


Clear Capital data collections

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