Disaster Service

FEMA Disaster Service

Clear Capital’s free FEMA Disaster Service confirms whether a subject property is located in an active FEMA disaster area.

Find clarity when disaster strikes

How FEMA Disaster Service works

By confirming if a subject property is located in an active FEMA disaster area, our FEMA checks bring clarity on next steps when disaster strikes.

Adhering to FEMA’s disaster criteria, our free, automated checks identify when individual assistance or public assistance is available for property owners.

Assess impact to your portfolio

Access the FEMA Disaster Service report on demand or sign up for automated notifications. Our reports include the:

The reports are good in the immediate aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms, landslides, flooding, mudslides, and other natural disasters.

Get started for free today!

Get peace of mind when disaster strikes with Clear Capital’s free FEMA Disaster Service. Determine impact to your portfolio and find clarity on next steps.

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