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Property Rental Data Now in ClearProp

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We’re excited to announce that property rental data is now available in ClearProp, the lending-grade, industry-leading valuation tool. With the addition of rental and lease information on over 16 million properties across the U.S., users can now review nearby rental listings and calculate a comparable-based rental estimate in real-time. You can experience at no cost*, ClearProp’s deep rental property and interactive valuation data by registering at

Gain market insights with interactive rental data

rental property data

ClearProp brings a local market to the desk of an analyst, investor, or reviewer, enabling the ability to derive an instant estimated rental value for a subject property based on local market rental comps. 

To define your own rental estimate for a subject property, you can compare recently listed or rented properties. When you select the most similar rental comparables, and the estimate changes in real-time as shown below:

rental property information

In addition, to ensure accuracy, the comparable rental properties can be reviewed side-by-side in a familiar comparison grid.

To document the user’s choices, ClearProp reports can be exported into a customizable PDF with the full AVM, subject estimates, and additional property data supporting the valuation.

property rental informationRental data will be automatically available to all current and new ClearProp customers. This exciting new feature brings together rental property data that is typically fragmented — allowing you to interactively select from various property characteristics and filter down to the most relevant comparable properties to produce highly-accurate, estimated values. This new feature is powered by ClearProp’s machine learning combined with the innovation and expertise of humans.

ClearProp enables data-rich property research 

ClearProp is an interactive property valuation tool that provides a quick and reliable assessment utilizing more than 200 data points on nearly every property in the U.S.. It delivers highly accurate valuations on an interface where you can explore the market landscape, select comparables, and dive deeper into the subject’s characteristics. Leveraging Clear Capital’s decades of property data and experience, ClearProp pinpoints the most crucial information required to value a property accurately. 

Be it pre-valuation property knowledge, property valuations, or post-valuation review, ClearProp handles due diligence and investment decisions with ease. ClearProp is packed with data, photos, and analytics for nearly every address in the U.S., helping you become a local expert on any market in seconds.

Here’s what ClearProp includes:

    • ClearAVM™ — The top-tier, independently tested, lending-grade automated valuation model
    • Current & previous listing info — More than 93% nationwide coverage of U.S. properties
    • Property photos — Property photos, satellite imagery, and Google Street View
    • Complexity Score — Assesses property complexity to inform valuation suitability
    • Home Data Index™ — Historical home price trends and forecasting
    • Public records — Includes title transfer and mortgage history, HOA, owner history, and tax records
    • ClearRank™ — Analyzes hundreds of variables to select and rank comparables intelligently.
    • Rental Data – Derives an estimated rental value for a subject property based on local market rental data and comparables.
    • And more — Filters by characteristics, compares properties side-by-side and helps you develop your own value estimate. 

Try ClearProp for free!

You can get up to 10 free property searches with ClearProp by visiting this page or go to the ClearProp product page for more information.  If you’d like to learn more about how to use ClearProp, check out this 7-minute walkthrough video:

Clear Capital is a national real estate valuation technology company with a simple purpose: build confidence in real estate decisions to strengthen communities and improve lives. If you have questions about ClearProp or want to learn more about our services reach out! Our goal is to provide customers with a complete understanding of every U.S. property through our field valuation services and analytics tools, and improve their workflows with our platform technologies.


* First-time users only
**All images used are for illustration purposes only and not the actual value of the property

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