ClearAVM™ | Clear Capital | Automated Valuation Model


Setting the standard for lending-grade automated valuation models (AVMs)

Designed for situations that require a high volume of accurate and quick property valuations.

Accurate Insights

Automate your valuations with confidence

Our industry-leading, lending-grade AVM provides an extremely reliable and accurate prediction of market value, with nationwide coverage. ClearAVM is designed for situations that demand highly-precise and efficient results — home equity lending, portfolio valuation, review, and underwriting.

ClearAVM delivers values for 139+ million addresses — a true nationwide AVM. ClearAVM is tested internally, blind-tested by reputable third-party testers, and is benchmarked against refinance appraisals. In fact, Fitch Ratings determined ClearAVM is more accurate than six other vendors’ AVMs — many of which have been around for decades.

What can ClearAVM help you with?

Lending Support


Collateral valuation for home equity loans and HELOCs


Confirmation and support of values when selling to investors


Pre-qualification for loan eligibility

Investing & Servicing


Value support for live bidding


Primary valuation for seasoned second liens


Bulk refresh of portfolio values with low volatility

Valuation Validation


Triangulation on value when combined with market analysis


Automated valuation QC coupled with Complexity Score


Risk-based collateral review and escalation

Portfolio Monitoring


Instant portfolio valuation


Property equity insights


Investment decisioning

Marketing & Retention


Acquire new purchase and refinance loans


Engage potential borrowers by keeping them up-to-date on their property’s value

Underwriting & Loan Decisions


Check for credit-risk compliance


Validate appraisal values


Use ClearAVM+ PCI for low-risk loans

Enhanced Valuations

An AVM that reacts to property condition

If you know a home’s condition, shouldn’t your AVM reflect it? The Interactive ClearAVM API gives you the power to update key property characteristics and condition to be accounted for in the automated valuation.

Now you can have confidence that your AVM has the right property features considered. Supply characteristics such as home condition, square footage, the number of bedrooms, and more, to receive an automated valuation that reflects those characteristics in real-time.

Nationwide Coverage

Gain intel on hard-to-find information

An AVM is only as good as its data. That’s why the data that powers ClearAVM — data on nearly every property in the nation — is updated hourly and allows for extremely fresh information every time the national AVM is refreshed.

Clear Capital has one of the highest-coverage, ethically-sourced* property information data sets in the country, with information on nearly every address in the U.S. — including non-disclosure states. This, combined with proprietary data and public records, provides ClearAVM with a remarkable database of hard-to-find property information.

Near-real-time Data

Receive accurate results in seconds

ClearAVM combines nearly 20 years of appraisal know-how, top-notch computer scientists, the most recent property data, and advanced machine learning to produce its results. It teaches itself the intricacies of each market and property, builds them into the prediction model, and frequently updates them on its own — meaning you can pull accurate, up-to-date AVMs in seconds.

Even orders of tens of thousands of AVMs can be returned directly to your system in seconds via our API, or in bulk.

Machine Intelligence

Focus on the data that matters

Our property information database houses 250+ data points for nearly every address in the U.S. However, we only use around 70 of those data points in ClearAVM. Why? Knowing what not to include is equally as important as knowing what to include.

Since ClearAVM launched in 2018, we’ve been refining its “brain” by paring down the data it uses to only the most essential and teaching it the methodologies used by our field valuation team for nearly 20 years. The result is an AVM that sets the standard for accuracy in the industry.

Precise Values

Be certain using our high standards

ClearAVM only produces a value when we’re confident we can stand behind the results. Our confidence model applies machine learning to automatically calibrate on real world error measurement. This approach breathes new life into stale Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) techniques.

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Want to know more on the data and mechanics behind an AVM?

* What do we mean by “ethically-sourced” property information? In addition to public records and our own, proprietary data, Clear Capital uses listing information to power our products. But not all listing-based solution providers are compliant. Some use brokers to download and import spreadsheets of outdated information, and many use screen scraping to build incomplete and inaccurate databases based on information gathered from fragmented websites. Each of these noncompliant methods creates risk for the user. Legitimate providers (like Clear Capital) can readily provide the source of their listing information, their information-gathering methods, and their coverage methodology, including geographic coverage, field count, and the density of populated fields.