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Bringing a Sense of Urgency to the Valuation Process: ClearAVMTM

Slow valuations can clog the lending decision process. By pairing ClearAVMTM with other Clear Capital products, you’ll significantly speed up this critical step to deliver accurate, affordable world-class valuations. Not only does ClearAVMTM significantly reduce decision time, it also saves up to $500 on loans under $250,000. ClearAVMTM is an affordable place to begin your valuation process and its flexibility makes it simple to layer additional products, such as BPO or RealTimeCMA, as needed. Its high accuracy options are fueled by machine learning and fresh benchmarks to always adjust for current market conditions.

Why ClearAVMTM?

Clear Capital believes every investor considering a loan purchase should use AVMs on each property that comes across their desk. But when lenders are unable to make quick enough decisions on collateral to meet loan close SLAs, opportunities can rapidly slip away. ClearAVMTM uses the freshest information available to be sure no market information is left out of the valuation. ClearAVMTM uses a sophisticated algorithm to choose the most accurate way to calculate a home’s value based on property type and geography, plus it maximizes use of data that no other AVM provider has access to.

What’s Different About ClearAVMTM?


It’s built on the most compliant and complete set of real estate data available

It cuts time off portfolio valuations

It reduces HELOC lending costs

It adds efficiency to the valuation QA process

It’s one of the most accurate AVMs in the industry using machine learning and fresh benchmarks to always adjust for current market conditions

It leverages listing data assets with industry leading data coverage

Is ClearAVMTM Right for Me?

For the most accurate automated valuation on the market, ClearAVMTM is an easy choice.

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