Automated valuations evolve with the launch of Interactive ClearAVM

Interactive ClearAVM

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Interactive ClearAVM (automated valuation model). This enhanced version of ClearAVM™ is an optional add-on that will provide customized AVMs in real-time based on user-made adjustments to a property’s key characteristics and including condition.

ClearAVM is an AI-based, investment-grade AVM that produces reliable, highly-accurate market value predictions and uses machine learning to deliver property valuations on more than 139 million addresses across the United States.

Historically, property condition data has not been available or widely used in AVMs, despite its significant impact on a property’s value. With the Interactive ClearAVM, users have more autonomy based on unique property characteristics – like additions or remodels – ensuring a precise AVM value based on their adjustments. Interactive ClearAVM can also be used in scenario analysis for remodeling and development planning to determine the impact of changing critical assumptions on property value. This enables greater flexibility and confidence in valuation accuracy and allows users to save money and time by avoiding in-person valuation alternatives.

Interactive ClearAVM is accessible to ClearAVM users through an Application Programming Interface (API), which automates workflow by connecting to front-end user applications and inspection report data. Users can adjust several key characteristics to calculate the property’s estimated value.

As one of the most trusted AVMs on the market, ClearAVM is designed for situations that demand highly precise and efficient results, including consumer finance, home equity lending, investing, portfolio valuation, review, and underwriting. It leverages data on nearly every property in the nation to provide accurate information and values.

Learn more about ClearAVM!

To learn more about Clear Capital’s industry-leading AVM and its newest version, Interactive ClearAVM, visit the ClearAVM page

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