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Providing New Property Perspectives In One Easy-To-Read Report: ClearProp

ClearProp gets you instant understanding and actionable analysis on any given subject property address’ attributes, and context of its local market. You can interact with a map and filterable comparables to support opinions of value, as well as do deep dives in valuation quality through rich transaction history data sets by property.

Why ClearProp?

With only a property address, ClearProp gives you the data and context you need to set better expectations with your clients. Because an infinite number of market characteristics can impact value negatively or positively, a ClearProp report provides visibility into subject property and market information. Additionally, local sold and listing comps (including MLS photos and comments) along with maps, aerial imagery and FEMA disaster checks, round out the perspective.

How Does ClearProp Work

ClearProp lets you approach risk mitigation with an intelligent valuation review report that works for you.


Real Time Local Market Info

Get a real time update on MLS activity within each ClearProp powered by our RealTimeCMA. View MLS photos and comments for the subject and comparable properties, as well as a full set characteristic data points updated as quickly as every 15 minutes.

Aerial Imagery and Comparables Map

We provide up to six super high-quality aerial images of the property at different angles to further highlight its location and surrounding elements. We also map the subject and comparables. Filtering and selecting comparables directly from the map helps you understand where comparables are located and reveals externalities such as freeways, golf courses and airports that can affect price.

Local Sales and Listings

Analyze comparables from public records, MLS and historical valuations that most closely match the subject property by price ranges, value discrepancies and distressed considerations to reveal abnormalities or anomalies that could have an impact on price.

Market Performance

Our Home Data Index™ (HDI™) provides price trends and distressed activity (REO and short sales) of the subject property’s market and price tier. This includes near real time market trends, forecasts and property saturation to provide market context around subject property.

Transfer and Finance History

Identify owners with a propensity to refinance with a complete history of sales, transfers and mortgages - including the title owners, potential second mortgages, HELOCs and fraudulent activity.

Is ClearProp Right For Me?

Quickly gain comprehensive property and market insight into property value with ClearProp.

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