The all-new ClearPropTM

The interactive property
valuation and analytics tool.

Eliminate the need for multiple systems to obtain property and market data. Verify a property’s value and close on loans faster!



A comprehensive property
analysis and valuation tool.

The next-generation analytics tool with nationwide coverage that enables quick property value conclusions.


Industry-Leading Analytics

Designed with at-a-glance insights in mind.

Informed by Clear Capital’s more than 20 years of boots-on-the-ground valuation expertise, ClearProp analytics are designed to be both simple and powerful.

  • ClearAVM™ helps you know a property’s value
  • Complexity Score helps you understand a property’s complexity
  • ClearRank™ automatically selects and ranks comparable properties

Go further with property and ZIP Code price trends, listing commentary, repeat sales index and forecasting, and more.

analyze property comps

Data-Rich Research

200+ data points for nearly every U.S. address.

ClearProp brings together data that is typically fragmented, making it a powerful research and verification tool. And while ClearProp is rich with data, it’s thoughtfully and meticulously organized.

  • View current and historical listing photos
  • Dive into public records and listing info
  • Explore title transfer, mortgage, owner, and tax history
  • Select and review comparables, and more.

Incredibly Interactive

Quickly find, rank, select, and review comparable properties.

ClearProp gives you a sense of place in seconds, right from your desk.

  • View your subject and comparable properties in a richly-detailed list on the main dashboard, including map, satellite, and street imagery
  • Set property characteristics and filters to narrow down the comparables you want to see
  • Let ClearRank automatically select and rank comparables for you, or use drag-and-drop functionality to manually determine your own valuation
clearprop property comp selection tool
export property comp report

Simplify Due Diligence

ClearProp makes double-checking easy.

No matter where you are in the review process, ClearProp can handle due diligence situations with ease.

  • Get pre-valuation property knowledge, complexity info, and market insights
  • Export a valuation determined by the industry’s leading AVM and backed by hand-selected comps
  • Perform post-valuation verification of an original appraisal or bulk portfolio review

What can ClearProp help you with?



  • Check the initial value of subject based on AVM
  • Determine the complexity of the property
  • Evaluate the market’s recent trends in a quick snapshot


  • Verify subject information from several sources
  • Assess the validity of value with curated comps
  • Analyze market details


  • Hand select and review comps
  • Prepare subject estimate with a confidence score
  • Export your findings in a customized report

Additional features.

Real Time Property Analysis
Precise, timely data.

ClearProp is powered by listing info, public records, and Clear Capital’s proprietary data. And it’s updated daily so you can be confident your analyses are always the most accurate and up-to-date.

Nationwide MLS Information
The most property record coverage.

Clear Capital has one of the highest-coverage, ethically-sourced property information data sets in the country, with access to 93% of all listing information within the U.S.

ClearRank Home Listing Comps

ClearRank compares thousands of sold and listing comparable candidates, then intelligently selects and ranks them according to their similarity to the subject property. See side-by-side characteristics, photos, and more.

ClearAVM Automated Valuation Model Integration

Every ClearProp includes an incredibly accurate, lending-grade automated valuation model (AVM) powered by an advanced machine learning engine.

Valuation Complexity Score
Valuation Complexity.

Our analytics generate a score from 0–100% that represents how difficult the property is to value. Use the score to help you choose the right valuation product.

Home Data Indext Market Report
Home Data Index.

Seven quarters of historical price trends help you put current trends into context. Gain more insights with forecasts that highlight the expected price trajectory over the next two quarters. Review analysis of local, state, and national trend lines.

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