All residential valuation products now available on the latest Encompass Partner Connect™ API Platform available through ICE Mortgage Technology®

Great news for users of Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®. All Clear Capital residential valuations solutions are now available on the latest Encompass Partner Connect™ API Platform. Read on to learn more about Encompass and discover which Clear Capital products are available through the platform.

What is Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology?

Encompass is a digital lending software available through ICE Mortgage Technology. Encompass enables loan officers to close loans faster, originate more loans, reduce time to close, and create improved borrower experiences. Lenders and investors who use Encompass can also ensure compliance, maintain a single system of record, and gain a competitive advantage. 

Access Encompass on the ICE Mortgage Technology website,

What Clear Capital products are available on the Encompass platform?

Encompass users can access the following Clear Capital products through Encompass:

ClearAVM™ — ClearAVM is one of the highest rated lending-grade automated valuation models (AVM) on the market. We test ClearAVM against closed sale and refinance appraisal benchmarks. It is internally evaluated and blind-tested by reputable third parties. Investors, lenders, and regulators rely on ClearAVM’s accuracy.

Universal Data Collection™ (UDC™) — UDC collects and submits data quickly and accurately, following the data standards of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. UDC empowers lenders with national coverage to implement ACE+ PDR and Value Acceptance + Property Data nationwide with confidence.

Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®) — CDA re-evaluates an appraisal so you can deliver a comprehensive loan file quickly. Access comprehensive appraisal review and analysis for any time period. CDA efficiently determines if the appraisal under review is supported. 

Desktop Appraisal — Our Desktop Appraisal delivers a reliable opinion of value for single-family purchase loans using a 1004 Desktop/70D appraisal. It features turn times that are up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal, price certainty, and trustworthy data.

Hybrid Appraisal — Our GSE-compliant 1004 Hybrid/70H Appraisal delivers a reliable opinion of value for home purchase and refinance loans nationwide. It is agency approved, lender-tested, and built on a real-time, integrated technology platform. 

Traditional Appraisal — Traditional Appraisal solutions fit a variety of lending needs. It suits conventional loans, refinances, home equity lending, and everything in between. Our appraiser partners deliver quality, clarity, and reliability.

Property Condition Inspections (PCI) — Access rapid condition updates on residential and commercial properties from experienced and trained professionals with our PCI. Local residential and commercial brokers collect property data to deliver a clear, risk summary report. PCIs visually highlight factors that could influence your property’s marketability.

Post-Disaster Inspection (PDI) — Estimate damages and repair costs with a Post Disaster Inspection. Find peace of mind with two-day report turn times. A PDI helps experts understand impacts to the neighborhood after floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters. 

Residential Broker Price Opinion (BPO) — Our Residential BPO is the ultimate alternative to an appraisal for servicing, origination, and investments. The data-rich BPO reports provide a clear understanding of the subject property for confident investment decisions.

Residential Evaluation — Residential Evaluation is for loan amounts less than $400,000, including HELOCs, loan modifications, bank regulator requirements, and more. It is fully IAG-compliant.

Start using Clear Capital through Encompass.

To use Clear Capital’s products with ICE Mortgage Encompass, add Clear Capital as a service provider in Encompass. You can complete this using the Administrator application on the Smart Client desktop application or via LO Connect.

After adding Clear Capital to your Encompass account, users can use the Smart Client desktop app or LO Connect web app. They can use these apps to place, manage, and view orders.

Email to learn more about how to get started. We’d be happy to assist you and provide our Clear Capital Encompass® User Guide.

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