Now Available: Easy BPO Ordering with Property Valuation API

property valuation api

Today, we are excited to announce Clear Capital’s Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) can easily be integrated and ordered without leaving your existing loan origination or order management system. 

Now you can order BPOs through your system utilizing Property Valuation API — Clear Capital’s all-in-one valuation suite — and receive the BPO results as data and/or an easy-to-read pdf report. This newest integration offers advanced capabilities for order management. It enables you to track order statuses, receive instant notifications, ask questions, and raise issues through our integrated messaging. And with Property Valuation API, you can easily initiate a hold, cancel, or request a revision effortlessly if something changes.

The Most Highly Regarded Broker Price Opinions in the Industry

Clear Capital’s  BPOs have set the industry standard in quality, efficiency, and service for over a decade. Our BPOs include drive-by and interior BPOs. They are completed by a nationwide network of trained real estate brokers and agents.

We ensure quality without compromise for all BPO orders. Before the BPO is delivered, it undergoes automated quality checks and a review by our experienced quality assurance team. This ensures the highest levels of quality and accuracy in the report’s suggested listing and sales prices.

Property Valuation API Unlocks a Suite of Modern Valuation Products

One easy integration of Property Valuation API empowers effective order management from creation to completion for not only BPOs; it provides access to a wide array of our reliable property valuations, property data collection, and appraisal review reports. Unlock our Hybrid Appraisals, Desktop Appraisals, Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA), and property data collection services. Integrate Property Valuation API once, and harness all the essential tools to serve your property valuation needs.

Want to learn more about Property Valuation API?

You can learn about the Property Valuation API here or send us a note at Our team is happy to walk you through our API or answer questions. 

Clear Capital is a national real estate valuation technology company with a simple purpose: build confidence in real estate decisions to strengthen communities and improve lives. We are always looking to connect with like-minded people in the industry.

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