Property Valuation API

Property Valuation API

The all-in-one API that integrates seamlessly with your order management system.

Keep all parties in sync on residential property valuations, property data collection, and appraisal review reports. One easy integration of Property Valuation API empowers effective order management from creation to completion.

Harness our valuation solutions with Property Valuation API

Property Valuation API enables easy access to a full suite of modern valuation products through a fully-supported integration with any order management system.

Hybrid Appraisal

A residential appraisal that quickly delivers a reliable opinion of value and meets the needs of hybrid appraisal programs for eligible lenders.

Desktop Appraisal

A GSE-compliant 1004 Desktop/70D residential appraisal that quickly delivers a reliable opinion of value for purchase lending.

Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA)

An industry-leading comprehensive appraisal review and analysis by a state-licensed appraiser for any period of time.

Desktop Data Collection (DDC)

A property data collection service for desktop appraisals that delivers property photos, a floor plan, and gross living area (GLA) measurement.

Broker Price Opinion BPO API

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Data–rich reports that are rigorously checked for quality, provide a clear understanding of the subject property for confident investment decisions.


One of the industry’s best lending-grade, automated valuation models (AVM) is designed to handle situations that require a high volume of confident property valuations quickly and accurately.

For Lenders

The interactive interface for order management

Property Valuation API offers advanced capabilities for order management of our residential property valuation, data collection, and appraisal reports.

Track order status and receive instant notifications or ask questions and raise issues through our integrated messaging. If something changes, initiate a hold, cancel, or revision request effortlessly. With Property Valuation API, you can easily access property valuation solutions.

How Property Valuation API empowers lenders

Make confident loan decisions

Property Valuation API transfers loan data and updates your source system, minimizing manual input and reducing errors.

Gain visibility and control of orders

Track status and receive timely notifications throughout the order management process. Property Valuation API keeps you informed.

Eliminate the learning curve

Accessing our valuation tools requires minimal training since they will be integrated into your existing order management system.

Depend on nationwide coverage

Our expansive panel of experienced real estate brokers/agents and appraisers complete reliable data collections and property valuations nationwide.

For system providers

The go-to solution for business growth

Property Valuation API makes it easy to create new business opportunities and engage with customers. Enhance your existing offerings with our modern valuation products and give customers access to reliable property valuation reports nationwide.

In addition, Property Valuation API offers advanced order management capabilities, so your customers have control throughout the order management process from ordering and status updates, to change requests and order delivery.

Property Valuation API provides excellence for system providers

Reach new customers

By offering new products through your platform, you can attract new customers and increase your market share.

Stay competitive

Gain access to innovative property valuation solutions completed by our nationwide panel of real estate brokers/agents and appraisers to stay competitive.

Develop strong relationships

Diversify your product offerings to solve multiple needs and help reduce customer attrition risk.

Fuel business growth

Capitalize on co-marketing opportunities and leverage the reach of our trusted brand.

The Clear Capital Difference

Clear Capital is a national real estate valuation technology company with a simple purpose: build confidence in real estate decisions to strengthen communities and improve lives.

Our goal is to provide customers with a complete understanding of every U.S. property through our field valuation services and analytics tools, and improve their workflows with our platform technologies.

Our commitment to excellence — wherever it leads, whatever it takes® — is embodied by more than 1,300 team members across four brands (Clear Capital, Clario, CubiCasa, and REO Network) and has remained steadfast since our first order in 2001.

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