Broker Price Opinions

Our higher standards provide a value beyond just price

Clear Capital is well known for providing the highest quality Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) available. In an industry that is becoming increasingly automated and commoditized, service is what sets Clear Capital’s BPOs apart.

As soon as you submit your report, we immediately get to work solving complex address issues and validate, standardize and geocode each address. We apply two levels of technology-driven checks—data validation and our proprietary quality control rules engine—to identify duplicates and bring data together helping our expert broker panel make accurate decisions. While our technology focuses review time and minimizes revision requests, we believe the human review is the most important part of our process. Our trained Quality Assurance Representatives confirm the data and comments within the report tell a consistent story that supports the broker’s price conclusion. Our dedicated, thoughtful approach and innovative BPO technology deliver accurate, comprehensive results from a partner you can trust.

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BPO Duplicate Error

  • Each Clear Capital BPO is validated for correct address data, saving time and money for our customers and leaving the complex issues for us to resolve.
  • Aerial imagery ordered with each property gives a broader perspective of the property, often revealing influences unseen from street-level photos.
  • Our highly professional, nationwide broker panel ensures we never cancel a report due to broker availability.
  • Clear Capital’s broker panel selection employs rigorous performance rankings and rooftop geocoding to ensure your BPOs are placed with the most qualified, most proximate brokers.
  • Clear Capital’s broker panel is empowered with data-driven account tools to ensure each BPO is completed accurately and thoroughly.
  • Before every BPO is manually reviewed, each passes through a multitier automated system that scores reports and identifies potential quality concerns.
  • Offered in Interior, Drive-by and in Puerto Rico
  • Your dedicated Customer Account Team ensures your needs are being met throughout the entire report process.
  • Our intuitive web interface makes ordering easy, status updates frequent and the final deliverable immediately available. Use this interface to share a file with multiple parties.
Personalized Service
Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Account Team, with a Customer Account Manager and team of Account Specialists. This team works closely with you to understand your goals and establish any guidelines that should be considered before performing the BPO assignment.

At every step in the process, your Customer Account Team is proactively updating you. When you have questions or concerns, we make sure we’re always available during business hours, seven days a week by phone, email or through your account.
Market Expertise
Every member of Clear Capital’s independent appraiser panel holds a valid license. When selecting an appraiser for each assignment, Clear Capital finds the highest rated, geographically closest appraiser. Ratings are based on overall valuation quality of prior reports, responsiveness and professionalism. This attention to vendor management ensures timely, high-quality valuations from an appraiser who is familiar with your local market.
BPO Vendor Rating Model
Quality Assurance
Clear Capital employs three layers of quality checks for every BPO submitted: automated first review to validate the data and check for errors; second automated review to check for overall quality and risk; human review of automated risk and quality scores as well as risk flags by Clear Capital’s Quality Assurance Representatives. These internal checks, performed before a BPO is ever presented to you, helps to eliminate revision requests. The benefit to you: saving time and money.Incomplete Data Message on BPO
Timely Delivery
Clear, ongoing communication through your account and with your dedicated Customer Account Team ensures a complete and accurate appraisal the first time. Track progress of all orders, current statuses, due dates and more through the workflow management tool.
Dedicated Compliance Team
Our completely transparent BPO report is the product of a tightly managed compliance process. Clear Capital’s dedicated, in-house Compliance Team ensures all state and federal regulations are met, including audited approaches to C&R.We, along with other BPO industry leaders, experts and participants, helped develop a set of standards and guidelines to better ensure BPO consistency and quality industry-wide. Read more here.
Rental Market Report
The Rental Market Report is an extension to our BPO valuation report, and provides insightful and valuable rental information so you can get the real story into the rental potential of your current assets or new investments.

  • A clearer picture of the values and cash flow potential of subject properties to make better decisions and reduce risk.
  • A way to better manage REO-to-Rental or leaseback programs.
  • Perspectives into various options for Servicers with distressed properties.

BPO Rental Market Report Addendum

Clear Capital’s BPOs add value at nearly every step of the life of a loan.

  • In Origination to verify the value conclusion of the Origination Appraisal.
  • In Servicing when updating the value of your collateral. When a loan defaults, Clear Capital BPOs can help determine next steps whether it be workout, modification, short sale or loss mitigation.
  • In Investing to evaluate the risk of your investment and determining a price range on a specific loan or pool of loans.
  • In Disposition to help set an independent, reliable listing price on an REO.

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