Announcing an enhanced ClearAVM report with valuable new insights

As of today, all Clear Capital ClearAVM™ reports are bigger and better than ever before!

ClearAVM is an industry-leading, lending-grade AVM that provides reliable and accurate market value predictions. It uses machine learning to deliver values for 139+ million addresses across the U.S. and is designed for situations that demand highly-accurate and efficient results — home equity lending, portfolio valuation or review, and underwriting.

We strive to continuously improve the accuracy and coverage of ClearAVM to enable better, more confident and informed loan decisions. And today, we have some exciting announcements!

What’s new in the ClearAVM report?

We’ve organized and arranged the subject property information and its surroundings into a quick and easy-to-understand, three-page report:

  • Page one provides high-level property information about the subject property, including the street view of the property and map view of the neighborhood, automated valuation estimate, value range, valuation confidence score (FSD score), property characteristics from multiple sources, and listing event history.
  • Page two provides recently sold or listed similar properties using comp-ranking algorithms trained by millions of appraisals.
  • Page three provides the aerial view of the subject property along with nearby comparables and its surroundings.

You can check out the new ClearAVM sample report here. New and existing customers can order ClearAVM here. In addition to the PDF file, ClearAVM can deliver the most accurate, up-to-date AVMs in seconds via API, bulk file, match and append, and through and the Ellie Mae® Digital Lending Platform.

What will happen to the previous ClearAVM report?

Starting today, the previous format of the ClearAVM report will no longer be available. We made these updates to the report based on customer feedback to help make the loan process more efficient. If you’ve used the retired version of ClearAVM in the past, you will now get all the information and subject property details in the new format.

The revamped report adds a street view and map image on the first page to help you quickly and visually identify the subject property. In addition to making the estimated value more visible, the new report also provides extra information on features like garages and pools, and it describes the subject property’s listings or transfer history. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at — we’d love to give you a walk-through of the new report format.

See ClearAVM in action!

You can visit the ClearAVM product page for more information.

And one more thing. If you’re interested in learning more about AVMs, check out our webinar below (previously recorded) to learn:

  • What to expect from your AVM during uncertain market conditions
  • How much you can trust AVMs — stable markets or not
  • Why AVMs that use the “machine learning approach” will outperform and outlast all the others

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