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Desktop Appraisal Solutions

Whether you need a complete GSE-compliant desktop appraisal or simply the floor plan and property data to execute one, Clear Capital has solutions. Developed by some of the brightest minds in the industry, our suite of Desktop Appraisal products eliminates the uncertainty around fulfillment and deliver serious cycle time savings.

Desktop Appraisal

Our all-in-one Desktop Appraisal provides a reliable valuation for a Fannie Mae 1004 Desktop or Freddie Mac 70D appraisal. Pairing innovative technology with our nationwide network of property data collectors and experienced appraisers, we deliver a desktop appraisal lenders can trust.

Desktop Data Collection

For lenders with appraiser panels or AMCs who’d like a partner to collect data, our Desktop Data Collection assembles the property data to complete a GSE-compliant desktop appraisal. This includes property information, photos, and an ANSI-aligned floor plan with interior walls and digital gross living area (GLA).

Desktop appraisals enable a modern appraisal process that is time-efficient without sacrificing quality or thoroughness. And at Clear Capital, we have the technology, property data, and certified broker and appraiser network for lenders to unlock the benefits of desktop appraisals.

Benefits of Desktop Appraisals

More Speed

Leveraging the power of technology, desktop appraisals are up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal, creating more appraiser capacity and expediting the mortgage lending process.

More Precision

By standardizing property data collection and requiring a detailed floor plan, desktop appraisals give visibility into a property’s gross living area (GLA) and drive consistency nationwide.

Less Friction

The new, streamlined and standardized desktop appraisal process reduces closing date uncertainty, mitigates financial risk, and fortifies confidence in the appraisal report across all parties.

Better Experience

By providing high-quality property data before a valuation and eliminating the appraiser’s trip to the subject property, desktop appraisals allow them to complete more reports in less time.

Unlock the Benefits of Desktop Appraisals

Clear Capital’s Desktop Appraisal solutions meet GSE Selling Guide requirements, reduce appraisal turn time, and provide price certainty. Here’s what we deliver:

  • Detailed property data including subject property photos
  • A 2D floor plan with interior walls and gross living area (GLA) calculation
  • Quality assurance that all data has been reviewed for accuracy
  • A complete desktop appraisal that lenders can trust.
  • Remarkable Real Estate Technology Within Reach

    Since 2001, we’ve developed technology that’s transformed the valuation space. Our Desktop Appraisal Solutions pair certified brokers, agents, and appraisers with groundbreaking mobile technology — ClearInsight™ and CubiCasa — to seamlessly assemble property data for a GSE-compliant desktop appraisal.

    • ClearInsight — Captures a complete digital picture of a home, including photos

    • CubiCasa — Generates a 2D floor plan with interior walls and ANSI-aligned gross living area (GLA) measurements

    Scale to new heights with Clear Capital

    We make it easy for lenders to broadly adopt desktop appraisals and quickly scale.


    Certified Property Data Collectors to complete Desktop Data Collections


    Experienced appraisers for desktop/hybrid appraisals


    Current nationwide desktop/hybrid appraisal coverage

    5.1 Days

    Average time savings a compared to traditional appraisal

    “What makes Clear Capital’s Desktop Appraisal Solutions so valuable is that lenders can have complete confidence that ordering a Desktop Appraisal will have a successful result.

    With our vast network of certified data collectors using the one-of-a-kind CubiCasa automated floor plan app and our extensive property data set, we can obtain floor plans on demand, fueling the frictionless completion of desktop appraisals.”

    Kenon Chen

    Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy

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