Navigating the Universe of MLS-Based Solutions, Part 1

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MLS Based Solutions White Paper Part 1

A Practical Guide for Financial Institutions

We’ve published a new white paper! “Navigating the Universe of MLS-Based Solutions, Part 1” is hot off the press and explores:

  • Questionable companies masquerading as legitimate MLS-based solution providers
  • Operational, reputational and legal consequences of stolen MLS information
  • The MLS information gap and risk to the U.S. housing finance system
  • Why a national MLS doesn’t exist and why MLS information isn’t plug-and-play
  • The four critical elements of compliant MLS-based solutions
  • And more

Our free white paper takes a closer look at the right questions to ask about where MLS-based solution providers source their MLS information, including the freshness, coverage, quality and compliance of that information.

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