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MLS Based Solutions Portfolio Monitor
Clear Capital real estate data analytics

Accurate, Detailed Insight Into the Market Around a Property: RealTimeCMA and MLS Portfolio Monitor

RealTimeCMA (RTCMA) gives you a property-specific report offering deep specific listing information from our broker network with members across the country, combined with an automated value (AVM) for a given subject property.

Our MLS Portfolio Monitor offers a file based delivery of subject property analysis with supportive listing information. Offering daily updates on your requested properties, we make it easy to generate analytics or keep an eye on a property as it moves through the listing process.

Why RealTimeCMA and MLS Portfolio Monitor?

With Clear Capital’s MLS Based Solutions fueled by our Local Broker Partners, you receive comprehensive compliant real estate analytics and supportive property characteristics with the flexibility for many use cases. By leveraging our massive broker and valuation network, we have crafted the right tool to study a local market and verify that a property’s value is sound using the freshest listing information possible. You won’t have to compromise integrity to get the coverage and completeness you need for your valuation and analytics use.

What Makes our MLS Based Solutions Different


Nationwide Coverage

Our solutions work hand in hand with Clear Capital’s long-standing broker network to provide a growing 86 percent MLS coverage nationwide.

Compliant Solution

We double-check each contract with MLS boards and brokers to deliver a truly compliant tool.

Clean and Standardized Data

Clear Capital tracks and standardizes data from hundreds of sources.

Fresh Reports

Instant access to reports with the most current listing activity, images and commentary combined with great coverage, full compliance and clean data.

Who Needs MLS Based Solutions?

Our solutions are designed for:

Loan officers
Collateral underwriters
Loan purchasers
Analytics firms

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