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July 2019 ClearProp Updates: Filtering, Drag-and-Drop, and More

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Whether you’re in lending, investing, or just need to review the logic behind a property valuation, ClearProp will help you decide on a home’s value. From multiple listing service (MLS) data to market trends, with ClearProp, it’s never been easier than now to value a home.

Recent product updates have focused on improving the experience in ClearProp as a property analysis tool. ClearProp includes an automated valuation model (AVM) value with confidence and complexity scores to suggest how much our model understands the subject’s value, but there are those users who may want to further explore comps and see why the value is what it is.

The first section we focused on updating is the filter panel. Previously, we defined filter parameters for gross living area (GLA), bed, and bath, but found that users would rather define the parameters themselves. This change gives users more control in narrowing their comps. We replaced dropdowns with input fields. We’ve also improved styling to have Reset and Apply buttons always accessible and moved the Market filtering to its own tab. The focus was really to improve narrowing comps without scrolling all over the place and jumping back and forth.

The second section we focused on updating is the favorites board. By default, ClearProp will load as many comps as we find similar to the subject, thus giving the user control of narrowing their comps. When favoriting a comparable, it’s like moving a comp to a workspace for reviewing. There are no limits to how many comps the user can favorite.

One improvement to the favorites board is adding drag-and-drop ability. Users can pick up any column and reorder their favorites. It allows users to define their own rank order. Or, if a user notices something valuable in comp 4, the user can pick it up and drag it to the first column.

Another improvement was to add the price summary bar to the top of the favorites view. The price summary bar is a great tool to see prices adjust based on filtered comps for various scenarios. If your subject is a 3 bedroom but you favorite several 4 bedroom properties, you can see the low, average, and high for 4 bedroom comps.

There are plenty of ways to narrow and move items to your “workspace,” but all these improvements to ClearProp are designed to help the user navigate through data and determine the property’s value with confidence. Whatever the use case, ClearProp is the analytics tool to help you get to your conclusion.

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