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Clear Capital Selected by Freddie Mac as Technology Provider for Appraisal Data Validation in Uniform Collateral Data Portal

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By providing appraisal data validation services, Clear Capital will offer Freddie Mac additional insight to appraisal quality and accuracy.


TRUCKEE, Calif. — April 7, 2014 — Clear Capital, has been selected by Freddie Mac (OTCQB:FMCC) to power its collateral review of appraisals submitted through the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®) and to provide the company with in-depth feedback regarding the quality and accuracy of the appraisals.


Clear Capital will integrate a customized version of its valuation review product, ClearQC® with the UCDP. Clear Capital is customizing its ClearQC workflow and business intelligence to align with Freddie Mac business requirements.


“We have been refining ClearQC for our own internal quality assurance for over a decade,” said Kevin Marshall, President of Clear Capital. “It’s been a part of Clear Capital’s foundation, and we have seen it perform on millions of valuations. By providing a customizable version of ClearQC in the UCDP, we are working with Freddie Mac to provide a consistent approach to appraisal review and transparency on appraisal requirements.”


Clear Capital’s retail version of ClearQC offers customizable rule sets with detailed narrative and data points on each rule run. This gives ClearQC customers the ability to evaluate appraisal data and receive pre-funding feedback. Actionable, informative and specific messages help customers make timely and appropriate funding decisions based on high quality appraisal valuations, scored and validated against a vast repository of third-party data.”


“By integrating our retail version, ClearQC customers can establish a consistent approach to appraisal review in order to reduce risk and uncertainty. ClearQC gives customers peace of mind that requirements have been met,” said Marshall.


“The ClearQC rules are meant to both affirm well supported appraisal reports and provide feedback when conclusions may need further support,” Marshall added. “Freddie Mac and Clear Capital are very aligned when it comes to providing constructive feedback.”


For additional information on Clear Capital’s valuations solutions and data and analytics, visit or call 530.550.2525. For additional information on the Phase II of Freddie Mac UCDP Proprietary Messages enhancements, visit


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