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Intelligent Automated Review: ClearQC®

ClearQC® is designed to provide accuracy and adherence to specific underwriting guidelines and industry compliance in the loan decision process. It uses customizable algorithms and a user-friendly interface to deliver actionable information that also saves you time.

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Why ClearQC®?

With the ability to configure rule sets to meet your specific business requirements, ClearQC® makes calculating scores and rules results much simpler, helping you focus only on the most important reports. Fully customizable, ClearQC® lets you alter rule severity weight, tolerances and logic and add your own rules to the configurable rules sets. These unique rule sets help determine the scores that will ultimately save you time and support smarter decisions.

What Makes ClearQC® Different?


Dynamic Rule Sets

ClearQC®’s rule sets emulate an appraiser’s complex logic as specific technical checks are performed. Rules can highlight market variances such as bracketed comparable values, prior sales, value range conclusions and more. Your account team works directly with you to evaluate, modify and implement rules that best align with your unique rules and tolerances.

Valuation and Report Quality Scores

ClearQC® shows you how scores are calculated based on your unique rule sets. Maps and graphics provide deeper insight on the valuation report being reviewed and in context to other potential comparables.

Mapping and Geographical Analysis

ClearQC® maps the subject, original comparables and Clear Capital’s top ranked comparables to better understand neighborhood dynamics and the data used in the report.

Supplemental Value Plot

The appraisal or BPO value is quickly and visually compared to all supporting comps in the value plot to help expedite the review process.

Is ClearQC® Right for Me?

Save time and support smarter decisions through unique rule sets that identify the right reports to review.

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