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Ellie Mae® Virtual Experience 2020 – Partner Showcase

By June 4, 2020 No Comments
Reducing Loan Delay During COVID-19

“Reducing loan delays during COVID-19”

Watch the video below from our Partner Showcase at Ellie Mae Virtual Experience 2020 to hear Kenon Chen, our EVP of corporate strategy, discuss how to reduce loan delays during COVID-19 using OwnerInsight, a homeowner-enabled appraisal tool. He explains what the OwnerInsight solution is and how it can help you complete appraisals safely during this time.


In order to provide solutions that help the lending process and appraisals continue during this crisis, we launched OwnerInsight. The free tool provides appraisers with flexibility and enable mortgage processes to move forward in a compliant way while limiting in-person interaction. To see how it works, we encourage you to go try OwnerInsight on your own property for free!

Try OwnerInsight on your own home for absolutely no cost.

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