purchase lending
with 1004 Desktop

Modern valuation products like 1004 Desktop appraisals enable an appraisal process that is time-efficient without sacrificing quality or thoroughness. And at Clear Capital, we have the technology, trained property data collectors, and experienced desktop appraisers you need to get started.

Accelerate residential purchase loans with our 1004 Desktop appraisal solutions. Clear Capital provides high-fidelity, 2D floor plans with interior walls, digital gross living area (GLA) calculations aligned with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, and complete, 1004 Desktop appraisals you can trust. Learn how you can unlock the benefits of 1004 Desktop appraisals today.

Benefits of the 1004 Desktop appraisal

More speed

Leveraging the power of technology, a 1004 Desktop appraisal is up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal, creating more appraiser capacity and expediting the mortgage lending process.

More precision

By standardizing property data collection and requiring a detailed floor plan, the 1004 Desktop appraisal gives visibility into the property’s gross living area (GLA) and drives consistency nationwide.

Less friction

The new, streamlined and standardized desktop appraisal process reduces closing date uncertainty, mitigates financial risk, and fortifies confidence in the appraisal report across all parties.

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