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The Role of Data in the Mortgage Industry with Kenon Chen from Clear Capital

By March 16, 2021 No Comments
identity revolution podcast The Role of Data in the Mortgage Industry

Podcast by Identity Revolution

Data has become an integral part of businesses operated nowadays. Therefore, we shouldn’t underestimate its power now, when most businesses have been affected by the pandemic and every resource matters. In the mortgage industry, data can be of much help. But is it enough?

Kenon Chen from Clear Capital mentions the importance of incorporating big data, machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) in the mortgage industry. He claims that these resources can help all parties, facilitating the process of buying, renting, or valuing the property.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, you will get the chance to meet our guest, Kenon Chen. He will lead you through Clear Capital’s goals, focusing on the importance of using different information sources to beat the bias and other common problems that frequently arise in the mortgage industry.

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