Property Analytics API: Valuation reports with the exact property insights you need

Clear Capital’s Property Analytics API was built to match the needs of each specific loan’s journey. Optimize your valuation workflow by crafting a valuation report that includes the exact property details you need at each step without ordering additional products. 

How Property Analytics API works

It can be frustrating for lenders and loan customers alike when the property value used in pre-qualification changes once the loan gets to underwriting. With Property Analytics API, maintain the same valuation report from pre-qualification to closing. Add any additional property details to the order to receive a full, customized report for up to 90 days.

Start with a national-coverage automated valuation model (AVM):

  • ClearAVM™ provides unparalleled valuation accuracy with the highest quality data and modeling power. ClearAVM predicts its expected accuracy, enabling you to always have confidence in a home’s valuation.
  • Interactive ClearAVM supplies characteristics such as home condition, square footage, and more to provide a valuation that reflects those characteristics in real-time.
  • Rental AVM provides automated values on rental properties based on nearby rental properties.

Get an AVM in prequal, add comparables and other details once a file gets to underwriting — up to 90 days later.

Add additional property details to the valuation to build a full understanding of the property or meet investor guidelines for underwriting — including sales or rental comparables, and listing, transfer, owner, sale, or tax histories. Use any combination of these details to meet due diligence requirements without purchasing multiple products or duplicate data points.

Who benefits from using Property Analytics API?

Lenders — especially home equity lenders — will benefit from the ability to add details to an order over the loan journey. Eliminate the stress associated with a valuation changing between pre-qualification and underwriting. Alternative financing companies that underwrite using an AVM will also benefit from using Property Analytics API. Use one valuation throughout the loan process to avoid losing loans at underwriting due to differing valuations.

Property Analytics API also removes friction when adopting new products, providing lenders and their teams with instant integration, no paperwork changes, and immediate access to the freshest property insights.

Get started with Property Analytics API

Get started with Property Analytics API and use one valuation for the entire loan process and order additional property data you need at any point — from pre-qualification to underwriting. Email to learn more and get started.

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