Clear Capital real estate analytics and insights

Learn how ClearCollateral® can empower you to focus more energy on customers and less on managing the process.


Instantly rebalance and/or automate appraisal order allocations based on performance

Quickly isolate orders needing attention for faster resolution and closing

Tailor quality checks to conform with any investor’s guidelines

Build automated workflow informed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae scores

Gain deep market insight on each property in your portfolio
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Valuation order management & review

Like us, you understand the benefits of getting work done so we built the first valuation workflow platform for the one customer that matters most, yours.

ClearCollateral Valuation Review Platform
ClearCollateral Valuation Allocation Platform

Connect with your providers and manage allocations on-the-fly

ClearCollateral® lets you order any valuation product your providers offer, regardless of who the provider is and gives you control over your order allocation settings. Through a single platform you stay connected with providers and foster healthy partnerships across your valuation supply chain.

Powerful, automated valuation review

Automation is a wonderful thing and with ClearCollateral® we’ve perfected its role to support you and your teams.  You can automate your quality control policies for appraisals and BPOs, build review processes fully informed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae risk scores, plus automatically order new valuations based on your value variance risk tolerance.

ClearCollateral Appraisal Review Platform

Actionable real estate data & analytics

Big data becomes a big advantage when its easy to consume and delivered to you in the right context. ClearCollateral® serves up the freshest, most compliant MLS and public records data along with powerful market analytics when you need them most, while reviewing the complex properties and working with your providers and customers to clarify valuation questions.

Ready to find out how ClearCollateral® can empower you?