Clear Capital named in HousingWire’s Tech100

Story by HousingWire

Clear Capital is a national real estate valuation technology company that has been developing solutions to build confidence in real estate decisions since 2001. AURA, Clear Capital’s automated underwriting risk analyzer, enables loan origination systems and order management platforms to embed advanced appraisal quality analytics fueled by machine learning and photo AI into their ecosystem to streamline collateral underwriting. The AURA API solution makes it possible for technology partners and lenders to access an aggregated version of all the data necessary to fully analyze the risk of an appraisal and a detailed summary report to evaluate compliance with internal credit policies, GSE guidelines and other investor overlays to close loans faster.

AURA is the culmination of the more than 20 years of experience Clear Capital has in the appraisal and review industry collecting data and has been a keystone for both technology partners and lenders by allowing them to scale their businesses through automated review. By centralizing all the data and insights necessary to automate the review process, AURA has reduced review times by 50%. By spending less time in the review process, lenders can provide faster turnaround times, improving customer experience and making it possible for lenders to increase their capacity to handle more volume.

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