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What a few Clear Cappers are thankful for this year

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Thankful Working at Clear Capital

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked a few Clear Cappers what they’re thankful for this year:


I get to live where people vacation! I am very thankful for the place we live, the beauty and grandeur of it, but it wouldn’t be the most amazing place without my family to go with it.

Some of the things I am thankful for are my family, my wonderful friends, my job that provides for me and that I love, my health and my animals.

I am thankful that the Wu Tang Clan released 36 Chambers.

I’m thankful for effective monetary policy and a robust U.S. housing market. Also, my precious family.

I am grateful for this life and all the people in it! I am thankful for coffee, wine, jalapeños, and dark chocolate. I am thankful for my beautiful teenage children who are responsible for the greys in my hair. I am honestly grateful for all the abundance in my life and remind myself every single day of how lucky I am.

I am thankful for my roomies (AKA: offspring) for being my reason to push each and every day, my friends, my job, coffee, and of course, lemon donuts.

I am thankful for my beautiful family, good friends, and the opportunity to work alongside an amazing group of thoughtful and caring individuals.

I am thankful for my amazing family, friends and my amazing job that I enjoy.

My husband, children, and grandson. It’s all about family!

My family which makes me want to drink more wine!

I’m thankful for my family and friends, a warm and happy home to return to each day, good health, a great job with an incredible team, and for all that I’ve been given the opportunity to learn so far in life. Also, Lake Tahoe, good whiskey, and good books.

Creating game-changing technology for the industry with a team of awesome individuals.

A roof over my head to keep me warm. Food in my belly, keeping me full. Family surrounding me, showing me love, and a job I enjoy. #SmallThingsThatAreNotSoSmall

The San Francisco 49ers being 10–1!

The opportunity of being able to work with thousands of different folks from all over the entire country day in and day out, and being able to help and learn from them.

I am thankful for the wonderful folks I’ve met over the years (who either are still in my life or no longer in it), opportunities I didn’t think I would have, friends and family to get through good and bad times, and each new day.

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