Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)

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The Obvious Choice for Appraisal Review: Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)

Designed to remove pre-funding uncertainty, the CDA® re-evaluates the original appraisal so you can deliver a comprehensive loan file quickly. The USPAP compliant appraisal desktop review can determine if the origination appraisal is adequately supported in:

  • First step forensic due diligence to decide whether a sample of appraisals warrants more extensive review.
  • Pre-fund due diligence prior to funding the loan.
  • Additional comparables to validate those provided are representative of both the subject and the market.
  • Internal quality assurance audit in post-fund due diligence for lenders and investors.
  • GSE post-board review to determine the reliability of the valuation and to understand if a repurchase is justified.
Best Collateral Desktop Analysis

Why Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)?

See local market trends, subject property characteristics, proximate market sales and supportive information around subject comparables. Reports come in your choice of formats: CDA® and CDA® + Broker Generated Listing Report. A report combined with a RealTimeCMA (RTCMA), provided from Real Estate Professionals with local MLS access, can be especially useful for jumbo loans and higher risk files attributable to the increased knowledge into subject and comparable properties. This helps the valuation provider evaluate and identify properties with a condition that is truly comparable to each subject property at hand.

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