Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)

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The Obvious Choice for Appraisal Review: Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)

Designed to remove pre-funding uncertainty, the CDA® re-evaluates the original appraisal so you can deliver a comprehensive loan file quickly. Our USPAP compliant appraisal desktop review can determine if the origination appraisal is adequately supported in:

  • First step forensic due diligence to decide whether a sample of appraisals warrants more extensive review.
  • Pre-fund due diligence prior to funding the loan.
  • Additional comparables to validate those provided are representative of both the subject and the market.
  • Internal quality assurance audit in post-fund due diligence for lenders and investors.
  • GSE post-board review to determine the reliability of the valuation and to understand if a repurchase is justified.
Best Collateral Desktop Analysis

Why Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA®)?

See local market trends, subject property characteristics, proximate market sales and data on comparables. Reports come in your choice of formats: CDA® and CDA® + Multiple Listing Service Sheets. A report with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) details is especially useful for jumbo loans and higher risk files because it includes MLS commentary and interior photos for a true condition comparison.

The Clear Capital CDA® Difference


USPAP-compliant CDA®s built to establish trust and appraisal credibility with speed

Gain a clear sense of an appraisal’s strength as you move through the investment process and eliminate any need for a new valuation

Expedite with turn times as fast as the end of next business day

Each and every report goes through a meticulous human QA process

Is CDA® Right For Me?

When you need to get certainty sooner.

Loan servicers
Correspondent lenders
Loan originators

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