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Embracing the Next-Generation AVM

The Value of the Machine Learning Approach in Tech-Based Valuation

Download this free white paper to learn about:

  • What financial institutions should look for in an AVM provider
  • The many uses of AVMs, including for HELOC lending, pre-valuation, portfolio valuation, and more
  • The differences between marketing-grade and lending-grade AVMs
  • The formula for a highly-accurate, lending-grade AVM
  • Why the best AVMs should be built upon MLS information and other quality data
  • Why the “valuation expertise” component is missing from most AVMs
  • Why the “stats approach” may result in a model that is less accurate and much less scalable
  • Why modern AVMs use the “machine learning approach”
  • The human-driven considerations during valuation
  • AVMs versus appraisals, and why the best AVMs “think” like appraisers
  • And more
Machine Learning Real Estate Valuation

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