The Story

Making peoples' lives better

Co-founders Duane Andrews and Kevin Marshall created Clear Capital® because they liked making peoples' lives better. They also really liked technology. In 2000, they started their first venture,—an online directory that brought together a community of like-minded brokers and asset managers—and still does today. Their experience with taught them a lot about maintaining integrity and profitability, while still having a whole lot of fun.

Through, Duane and Kevin built strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with banks and loan servicers across the country. Through these relationships, they saw that the Broker Price Opinion (BPO) fulfillment process needed a breath of fresh air. So in 2001, they co-founded—a new company that focused on providing reliable BPO outsourcing services. And in 2004, they changed the company name to, Inc. to better reflect the broad range of valuation products and solutions they provided that today includes Appraisals, BPOs, Property Condition Inspections, Value Reconciliations, Appraisal Review and Risk Scoring, Automated Valuation Models, and our powerful Home Data Index.

We still like making customers' lives better, and we still like technology. Andrews and Marshall, together with today's leadership team, believe that bringing together high trust and high tech sets us apart from other providers who think of valuation products as a commodity. We've grown, but not too quickly. We're interested in maintaining the industry standard for customer ethics, and raising them whenever given the chance.

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