Our Locations

Truckee • Roseville • Reno

Clear Capital®’s corporate offices are in Reno, NV and Truckee and Roseville, CA—a different kind of place for a financial services company. Our locations provide Clear Capital not only with a high caliber applicant pool, but destinations that also attract nationwide industry and technology talent.

“Our people make our company who we are”, 
said Duane Andrews, Clear Capital’s CEO. “We strive to create a positive, uplifting work environment, knowing that when our employees enjoy coming to work, they enjoy doing their work. It’s the reason you can hear us smiling when you call to place an order, the reason we routinely beat deadlines, and why our customers often comment on the creative and collaborative atmosphere in our offices.”

Truckee attracts really smart and interesting people who care about lifestyle and recreation. They are stoked to advance their professional careers while having the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe as their playground. They approach conversations and challenges in the workplace as they do on the ski hill, golf course, hiking trails…with the same friendly demeanor and can-do attitude.

Neighbor to Sacramento is Roseville, California. While Roseville’s roots may be in the railroad, the city’s culture and recreation attract a diverse group of folks who are savvy in customer service, experts in technology and real estate valuations.

In March 2015, we expanded our footprint to Northern Nevada with a new Reno location. Clear Capital’s tech-forward and customer-centric business is a great fit for Reno’s ever-growing sector and world-class talent pool.