AppraisalWorks™ partnership expands automated underwriting services with ClearCollateral® Review

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with AppraisalWorks to offer mutual customers access to ClearCollateral® Review (CCR) through the AppraisalWorks platform.

AppraisalWorks provides on-demand control over your appraisal management function – with seamless integration to your loan origination system (LOS) and no IT overhead. The platform is scalable, provides agility with web and mobile services, and security is unmatched. AppraisalWorks’ empowers lenders to automate manual tasks and reduce the number of exceptions with dynamic event-driven workflows, intuitive appraisal management features, and superior customer service.

By leveraging CCR, AppraisalWorks has paved the way for customers to unlock even more value and eliminate inefficient review processes. CCR enables tremendous benefits, including:

  • Automate the underwriting process – revolutionary machine learning reduces the review effort by 50% or more.
  • Powerful and configurable interface – CCR boasts accuracy, speed, and seamless integration with built-in cybersecurity protocols.
  • Automatic documentation – compliance is managed at the loan level within the platform, and all documentation is automatically shared back to the LOS.
  • Meet industry standards – CCR meets the Independent Appraisal Guide, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and federal and state regulations.

“This expanded partnership allows for the direct distribution of powerful valuation solutions to Clear Capital and AppraisalWorks customers” said Rhonda Johnson, Senior Partner Channel Manager at Clear Capital. “CCR mitigates risk and ensures compliance.” 

Discover the CCR Difference

Watch this demo from Digital Mortgage 2021 to see how CCR delivers the industry’s leading dynamic appraisal review workflow system by using loan characteristics, automated appraisal risk assessments — including Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter®, Freddie Mac’s Loan Collateral Advisor®, and the Federal Housing Administration’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) findings — and external data. 

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