Desktop Data Collection | Property Data for Desktop Appraisals

Desktop Data Collection

A technology supported property data collection service for desktop appraisals

Delivering the property photos, floor plan, and GLA needed to competently complete desktop appraisals.

For lenders with appraiser panels or AMCs who’d like a partner to collect data, Desktop Data Collection (DDC) assembles the property data to complete a GSE-compliant desktop appraisal.

Our certified broker panel captures property information, photos, a 2D floor plan with interior walls, and ANSI-aligned gross living area (GLA) measurement, so appraisers can confidently execute a desktop appraisal.

Desktop Data Collection Features

Floor Plan Certainty

Obtain a 2D floor plan with interior walls and ANSI-aligned gross living area (GLA) calculation seamlessly. Desktop Data Collection delivers GSE-compliant property data, empowering appraisers with critical property information.

Reliable Data

Get consistent property data, no matter what. Armed with ClearInsight — our remarkable mobile technology — certified brokers/agents capture property information, photos, and generate a 2D floor plan with interior walls and gross living area (GLA) measurement.

Quality Assurance

Obtain property data that all parties can trust. Vetted by two layers of human and automated reviews, Desktop Data Collection delivers accurate property data, ensuring appraisers can provide a reliable opinion of value.

Flexible Use

Fill in the property information gaps left by public sources. Desktop Data Collection provides robust property data — enabling lenders to engage their existing AMC and appraiser panels in completing desktop appraisals.


Easily integrate Desktop Data Collection into your order management system. Clear Capital’s extensive partner relationships and API integration prowess make integrating Desktop Data Collection smooth and stress-free.


Unlock the ability to adopt desktop appraisals at scale. We have a nationwide panel of 100% background-checked brokers/agents trained in property data collection and our Customer Support team specializes in property data collection solutions.

Order the property data collection. Quickly complete a desktop appraisal.

Simply order Desktop Data Collection and a certified broker/agent visits the subject property to gather the data an appraiser needs to complete a desktop appraisal.

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