Data Collection

Property Condition Inspection (PCI)

Get rapid condition updates on residential and commercial properties from experienced and trained professionals.

Risk summary report

All the property information you need, fast

Local residential and commercial brokers who are familiar with the subject’s market collect property data to deliver a clear, risk summary report that visually highlights factors that could influence your property’s marketability.

A total evaluation for informed decision making

Combine a PCI with ClearAVM™, our automated valuation model (AVM), in lending and credit decisions for a complete, compliant, cost-effective evaluation.

The Clear Capital PCI Difference

Our clear risk summary report visually highlights factors that could influence your property’s marketability.

Potential risk summary

Identify eight key aspects of the property to help you spot red flags and risk factors.

Subject information

Analysis on current and projected use and zoning is even more powerful when combined with ClearAVM.

Condition and marketability

Easy-to-understand terms are used to describe the subject condition, and necessary repairs are noted.

Photos and satellite imagery

Photos, aerial, and satellite imagery validate the subject location and condition of the property.

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Property Condition Inspection?

Make more informed decisions with a comprehensive report on your
property’s condition and marketability.

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