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Identify Collateral Risk Earlier: Complexity Score

Cost, time and compliance are three of the major roadblocks faced by lenders and AMCs looking to streamline their processes, especially when it comes to atypical properties. Clear Capital’s Complexity Score categorizes properties into those that are atypical and typical to help AMCs and lenders take quick, decisive action based on risk.

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Why Complexity Score?

As a lender, you already understand that atypical properties have higher valuation fees and operational costs. You also know that these properties face longer loan processing times because they require more attention during valuation. Couple that with the fact that it’s often hard for lenders to identify risky collateral at the start of the loan process and you can quickly see how the headaches start mounting.

What Complexity Score Tells You

Save time and money, by getting a better understanding on risky collateral earlier in the process.


Complexity Score is calculated using an industry leading dataset with comprehensive coverage and results including comparison to the entire market’s inventory as well as to comparable properties.

A Complexity Score helps drive workflow and quality review, ultimately saving time.

Complexity Score also works seamlessly with other Clear Capital products such as ClearQCTM and ClearPropTM.

Is Complexity Score Right For Me?

Complexity Score can be used as a pre-valuation risk indicator to reveal property complexity, help set price assignment and deliver accurate turn time expectations, and as a post-valuation tool it helps drive workflow and quality review.

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